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atomica restro-pub


  • client                        :  Dr.Mallesh and family

  • project area             :  14,000 sft

  • status                        :  on-going

Located along the national highway leading to the airport from Shivamogga town, this 14,000sft space houses a pub, fine dine restaurant, banquet hall and a conference room. The restro-pub is a part of the upcoming resort, with arecanut plantation on one side and the expanse of the highway on the other side of the longer edge 

With both fine dine and the pub facility being a part of the same built mass, segregating the crowd was a major concern. The same was achieved by placing the services in the centre, thus getting the pub and the fine dine on either side of the service space. 

The fine dine restaurant in the ground floor has glass facades opening to extended outdoor seating on both the sides thus capturing the experience of the arecanut plantation and highway. The banquet hall sits right above the restaurant with a separate entrance. 

The pub has been given a different character compared to the rest of the built mass and with the entire structure in fabrication the pub has been dramatically enhanced with the angled walls and columns

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