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BUNAADI ARCHITECTURE STUDIO, a multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design firm based in Bangalore, founded by Ar. Amulya DR and Ar. Anusha, friends from BMS College of Architecture

Our philosophy hinges on perceiving design methodologies beyond the obvious and transcends to create experiential spaces that celebrate everyday life. We draw a keen sense of creative expression to bring life and to elevate the experience of the spaces. We also strive to bridge the demands of artistic behaviors, environmental responsibility, functionality, client’s aspirations and financial considerations. 

Our project approach is client-centric, we focus on site responsive and contextually appropriate solutions along with design aesthetics. Every project is effectively personalized and tailored around the exclusive brief given from each client. The firm gives a fresh approach meeting all the requirements as well as providing our expertise in crafting spaces that are full of life, giving much attention to the details involved, thus laying a BUNAADI to your dreams and spaces



Principal Architect  Partner

amulya d r


Principal Architect  Partner

anushA ANIL


Associate Partner

Gagan b

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