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putta mane


  • client                                 :   Mr.Ravikumar and family

  • project area and cost       :  4200sft, 1.5 Cr

  • status                                 :  completed

The project is located in the land of hills, Chikkamagalur, Karnataka. A corner site of 50x80, with a beautiful view of Mullayangiri hills elevates the beauty of the site. 

The client described his quest to have a home that would exemplify contemporary approach retaining the warmth of a residence. They wanted a home that emphasizes the connectivity of all internal and external spaces to keep the family connected. With this intent, the conventional approach of a house having defiant areas is transcended in this residence by creating a series of transition spaces, we came up with an open plan along with spaces of different volumes to maintain physical and visual connection. The same intend reflects in the outer skin of the house. 

The built structure is zoned into two : family and private zones. The family zone is located towards the road opening to the garden and the bedrooms have been placed on the other end. 

The dining area, a double height space acts as a core space of the house connecting the upper and the lower floor, also connecting the upper living to the lower garden area visually. The space is further enhanced with a floating single flight staircase and a brick cladded wall giving the warmth a family space would enjoy and invoking a feeling of grandeur. 

The kitchen area is playfully designed with a breakfast counter and a long seating area where a guest/ a family member could sit down and interact with the person cooking, especially in the Indian scenario where, one spends a lot of time in the kitchen and this design makes the experience of it more fulfilling.

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