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  • client                             :  Ms.Vaishnavi and family

  • project area and cost  :  2200sft, 60lakhs

  • status                            :  on-going

A South facing, 1200 sft plot area, the residence was designed for a family of 4. The design answers the basic necessities of a residence as per the client's brief and tries to get in small elements : openess in planning, courtyards, living opening to a garden.


The ground floor accomodates all the family zones : living, dining and kitchen with the dining spilling to the katte area of the courtyard, making the dining-courtyard katte area an informal space for conversations. The staircase around the courtyard area takes you the private study room and bedrooms. The study opens a garden area on the first floor and the S-W master bedroom towards the road opens to a corner balcony which is being framed and become the focus of the overall elevation idea.

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